Cherry Blossoms


Hello - I'm Regina a licensed Skin Specialist specializing in multi-ethnic skin, maturing skin and pigmentation working with skin of all ethnicities for the past 6 years.   The turning point for me to begin my coaching program began with clients who struggled with their skin, they were confused with so many products on the market they tried everything and pretty much gave up.  But I was determined to show them that there was a reason for their concerns so I began additional training, learning about how foods, product ingredients, lifestyle and even genetics were factors to our skin issues!  

I noticed that many companies out in the market made promises to get clear skin in days and had untrained consultants make product recommendations by categorizing their skin concerns into packages.  No one was taught to look at the ingredients and know what exactly they were and the affects they could have in the long run.

My goal is to help you figure out the problem, know what ingredients to steer clear of, make the necessary changes diet and lifestyle changes and learn how to properly take care of your skin - - you will see the transformation once you are armed with the proper knowledge as you will become the expert of your skin!

If you're ready to take out the guesswork - I'm here to help!

I promote natural based products that's not harmful to you or the environment.